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Moose Safari!

- Experience Rauland in the summer!

Moose Safari!

Moose is loose! There is a good chance of spotting an moose on our safari tour in Rauland. Enjoy and see the "king of the forest". 

The moose is the forest's biggest animal with a shoulder height of up to 2.3 meters. The bull moose can be 2.5 to 3.2 meters long, while the others are slightly smaller. In Rauland / Øyfjell area you can see the moose, deers and beavers, but in some areas, especially the moose is present. It is not uncommon to encounter 6-7 moose during a safari-tour. 

The moose walks around alone, and is particularly active at dawn and dusk. A trip is therefore recommended in the evenings, and during our two-hour tour, you will certainly be able to see moose up close.

Moose Safari - Summer 2017  

  • Every Wednesday and Friday between 21/7 - 23/8.
  • Departure 21.00 from the tourist office (next to Esso in Rauland) - 20.30 after 11th of August.
  • Duration 1,5-2 hours 


  • Adults, NOK 300,- 
  • Children u/16 yr, NOK 150,-

The trip can be purchased or ordered at the touristoffice in Rauland up to 16.00 o´clock the day of departure. The trip can also be purchased upon departure but without guarantee of available seats.

Booking phone: 35 06 26 30 

E-mail:  infoSPAMFILTER@visitrauland.com <infoSPAMFILTER@visitrauland.com> (Remove SPAMFILTER from the address) 

22. July - 23. August 2017

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Moose facts

  • Only male animals (bull) develops antlers 
  • Antlers can have a span of up to 2 meters 
  • Males often weigh twice as much as females 
  • The moose runs in maximum 56 km/h 
  • The moose is a good swimmer and can swim 20 km far in 9,5 km/h 
  • Elgen lives for about 15-20 years

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