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Falkenuten/Falkeriset, Rauland

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Falkenuten/Falkeriset, Rauland

Falkeriset is a low ridge west of Møsvatn, and is named after the falcon hunting, which was an important industry here until the 1700s.

Dutch falconers

Dutch falconers lived in stone huts under the ridge, and hunted the world's largest falcon - falcon hunting. Falcons were sold to the princes and kings of Europe, where the birds were trained to capture such pheasant.

Remains of stone arches

Today you can see the remains of stone huts under the ridge, and northwest of the summit are the catching. Gyrfalcon, merlins and kestrels still nest in the mountains surrounding the ridge.


Family-friendly trip

Family-friendly hike through beautiful mountain scenery with panoramic views towards Hardangervidda, Gaustatoppen and Møsstrond. Parts of the walk is on damp marshes, remember waterproof shoes or wellies!


How to get here

From Rauland, drive 4 km along Hw. 362 in the direction Haukeligrend. Turn to Kromviki and after 10.5 km you will reach a small parking lot. The trail up to the ridge starts at the information board on the left side of the road.

From the parking lot it's an easy climb up to the ridge. Several tracks runs parallel towards the top. There you can enjoy a picnic with expansive views in all directions.

From the ridge you can go further into the mountains on unmarked trails, or walk the same path back and enjoy the sight of Gaustatoppen. The tour is about 2 kms long and takes an hour. The trail is easy hiking and medium duty.

God tur!

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