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Cloudberries in Rauland

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Cloudberries in Rauland

Cloudberries can be picked several places in Rauland. See where the Mountain gold is!

Marshlands in Rauland and Øyfjell contains buckets of flavorful, juicy and golden cloudberries!

From ancient times, cloudberries were used as a medicine against scurvy, because of its high vitamin C content. Today it aimlessly delicacy and used in countless desserts and cakes.

A classic dessert is naturally cloudberry cream or cloudberries with sugar and cream, but cloudberries are also used in cake fillings and jam.

The heaven of cloudberries  

From the beginning of August, the berries are ripe and be picked several places in the Rauland and Øyfjell area;

In Øyfjell, 15-20 minutes south of Rauland, berries are seen in the marshlands along and by Lognvikvatn. In Rauland there are large areas in Kromviki and around / near Falkeriset. Are you running against Raulandsfjell and take off to Kromviki towards Falkeriset you will find nice cloudberry areas on both sides of the road.

In addition, you are rewarded by stunning scenery where you wander along the outer edge of Hardangervidda.

Enjoy this great trip for the whole family! 


Deilicious! (Foto: Hans-Petter Teigen)

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