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Hiking suggestions in Rauland

Rauland offers a diverse network of marked trails in the summer, adapted to all levels. It is a good base for day trips by car to nearby attractions, or you can use Rauland as a base for cycling in the area.

Dig out your hiking boots, pack a good lunch and take your family or friends hiking! Here is a selection of hiking tips:

Falkenuten/Falkeriset, Rauland

Falkeriset is a low ridge west of Møsvatn. The peak has its name after the falcon hunting, an important industry in Rauland until the 18th century. Dutch falconers lived in stone huts below the ridge and hunted the world's largest falcon - the Gyrfalcon. The birds were sold to the princes and kings in Europe, and were trained to catch game such as pheasant. Today you can see the remains of the stone huts under the ridge, and northwest of the summit are the catching site. Gyrfalcon, dwarf falcons and kestrels still nest in the mountain areas around Falkenuten.

An intermediate tour suited for everyone, if able to walk stairs, stunning mountain scenery with panoramic views of the Hardangervidda, Gaustatoppen and Møsstrond. Parts of the tour go on damp marshes, remember waterproof shoes.

From the center of Rauland drive 4 km along Rv 362 in the direction of Haukeligrend take a right towards Kromviki and after 10.5 km you will see a small car park on your right, park here. On the left hand of the road, there is an info board and map of Falkenuten and the surrounding area. Follow the path to Falkenuten, it is an easy climb up to the summit, but a climb, there are several trails running parallel towards the top. At the summit you can enjoy a picnic with a breathtaking panoramic view in all directions as far as the eye can see. From Falkenuten or the summit, you can follow small paths further into the mountain, but be aware, they are poorly marked. Or turn around here and walk the same path back and enjoy the sight of Gaustatoppen. The trip to the summit is 3 km long round trip and takes an hour.


The path up to the Te-hytta starts approx. 6 km from the center of Rauland in the direction Haukeligrend on Rv 362. You will find a small parking lot on the right hand side of the road, and a sign to Raulandsfjell where the trail begins. The trail is marked and clearly visible in the landscape, and winds relatively steep up the mountain side.

This is a rather hard hike, not suitable for people of poor health!

After approx. 45 minute hard walk you arrive at the Te-hytta and its viewpoint. The cabin is private, so please show consideration. The view point has a spectacular view of Rauland and its lake, Totak. You can keep on going from here to Raulandsfjell, but the path ahead is not marked trail, so bring a map and a compass. West of Te-hut there is another path down which returns on the road 200 meters west of the parking lot and where you started.

Thors path through the rockslide, Urdbøurdi in Arabygdi

At the far end of Totak lake, you find the several hundred meters wide rockslide, Urdbøurdi. Legend has it that Thor with the Hammer visited two wedding processions in Arabygdi. At the first farm, he was served beer in a beer mug, but on the other farm, he had to drink beer out of a bowl. He found this so petty that he took the first wedding procession to the top of the mountain, than struck his Hammer so hard that a rockslide covered the entire valley and the second wedding party. As he struck he lost his hammer, and cleared a path through the rockslide while looking for it.

This road is called Thors road and is well marked as as a walking path it is about 1 km long and easy to walk. This is the same road that was used before the Rv. 362 was built.

Hiking in Rauland and Åmot

Bring your own guide on the hike! On visitrauland.com download suggested tours to guide you to beautiful viewing points and historical sites, or provides you with knowledge about wildlife, plants, geology and local history. Enjoy!

Day trips by car

Rauland is a good starting point for those who want to go on day trips by car. From here you can easily reach attractions in Telemark, Buskerud, Setesdalen and Western Norway:

Across the mountain of Haukeli to Ryfylke

The trip across the mountain of Haukeli to Ryfyke takes you west along Haukelivegen on the E 134. Shortly before Røldal you find Røldal Goat cheese dairy plant, where you can buy real homemade goat cheese. In the city center you can visit the Røldal stave church, a medieval wooden church, from the 1300's.

The journey continues by ferry across to Ropeid and further on to Sauda, and Sauda Smelting Plant with a dedicated showroom and museum. You can visit the industrial museum and the zinc mines on a guided tour. From Sand follow a small mountain road back across the mountain road to Røldal.

Drive and hike

We offer drive and hike suggestions to those who wish to combine driving with good accessible and interesting walks. Both the driving and walking tours is sketched out on separate tour maps with descriptions and are available at the Tourist Office for kr 10, - per item.


Try a cycling holiday with Rauland as a base! Rauland has been certified by the Institution for Cycle Tourism in Norway as a cyclist friendly destination, and especially adapted for those who wish to use Rauland as a base for day trips by bike.

Austbø Hotel, Vierli Turistsenter and Raulandsfjell are accommodations specially adapted for cycling tourists. Raulandsfjell rent bikes from May-October. Rauland Tourist Office has brochures of suggested bicycle trips.

Moose is loose! There is a good chance of spotting an moose on our safari tour in Rauland. Enjoy and see the "king of the forest". 

Cloudberries can be picked several places in Rauland. See where the Mountain gold is!

Falkeriset is a low ridge west of Møsvatn, and is named after the falcon hunting, which was an important industry here until the 1700s.

Here's an overview of the top 10 peaks in Rauland. 

We present to you both short and easy walks and strenuous daytrips, from lowlands to highlands - from a local town centre to the largest mountain plateau in Northern Europe - in one short trip.

Prøv en sykkelferie med Rauland som base!

Hardangervidda Nasjonalparkrute tar deg fra øst til vest i Norge, en opplevelsesrik tur på vei til fjordene.

1,9 km rundtur – enkel og familievenleg

Dette er ein kort fjelltur på Møsstrond i Vinje, ved foten av Hardangervidda. Turen startar i båt over Møsvatn. Rutebåten Fjellvåken fraktar reisande inn til Mogen turisthytte, der fotturen startar.

4 km rundtur – middels lett tur

Kunst og kultur er varemerket på denne kulturløypa som startar og endar ved Mjonøy i Vinje. Det passar fint, sidan ein då kan fylle magen med god mat frå kaféen på Mjonøy, før eller etter turen.

I øvre enden av Totak ligg den flere hundre meter breie ura Urdbøurdi. Sagnet sier at Tor med hammaren var på besøk hos to brudefølge i Arabygdi.


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