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Rauland and the surrounding area has much to offer! Try a mountain cruise on the lake of Møsvatn, enjoy the scenery along the Hardangervidda National Park Route, enjoy local art and craft or take a boat trip on the Telemark Canal and its locks..

List of Attractions

For a complete listing of our attractions, see the section: What to see?

Fjellvåken II

On a glorious summer day taking the passenger ferry MS Fjellvåken II at a lake 919 meters above sea level is a unique experience.

The ferry goes en route between Skinnarbu and Mogen during the summer. Mogen Tourist Hut is a popular gateway for trekking from cabin to cabin at Hardangervidda - caribou kingdom, Europe's largest mountain plateau and Norway's largest national park.

You can also take a day trip from Skinnarbu in to Mogen with traditional dinner at Mogen Tourist Hut, or join a three-hour guided tour from Skinnarbu to Hovden, an island in the lake, and its beautiful church. It is also possible to rent the boat and the crew - something to think about for companies or large groups, or for celebrations such as gold wedding or a birthday! Use your imagination!


The mountain village of Rauland is located at the foot of the Hardangervidda, Europe's largest mountain plateau and Norway's largest national-park. It is also home to Northern Europe’s largest stock of reindeer. The Norwegian Trekking Association has a large network of huts and trails and a popular starting point is Mogen Tourist Hut at end of the lake, Møsvatn. To get there, you have to take the passenger ferry MS Fjellvåken II from Skinnarbu off Rv 37 - a fantastic mountain cruise 919 meters above sea level.

Museums and Exhibitions

In Rauland and the surrounding area you will find as many as six museums that provide everything from sculpturing, painting, literature and folk music, to the rural culture and local war history about World War II. All the museums are a part of a joint ticket arrangement for museums in West Telemark, Vinje forsvarsmuseum (war history) in Åmot is excluded. You will also find wide selection of art and craft exhibitions in the area.


By the Rauland Academy is Telemarkstunet (Telemarks courtyard), which is a replica courtyard and its old traditional log buildings. In the summer season the yard comes to life with a craft exhibition in the Barn, the Eldhus is a traditional bakery with a stone oven fired up with wood which makes and sells homemade bread/rolls and pastries, and in Årestoga a cafè serving traditional foods, and open artisan workshops in the other buildings in the yard.

Hardangervidda Nasjonalparkrute

A drive along the Hardangervidda National Park Route takes you through the unique nature of the boundary zone to Hardangervidda National Park. Let yourself be amazed by the view from the car window, or make a stop to enjoy the scenery. The route takes you along quaint roads through Telemark, past mountains and lakes, through the woodlands and valleys and across the open plateau landscape. You come across many attractions along the route, hiking trails, boat trips, museums and cultural activities, something for everyone.

A drive along the Hardangervidda National Park Route is a journey back in time, to the roots of Norwegian folk culture and the industrial growth in Norway.


Gaustatoppen, which many believe is the most beautiful mountain in Norway, towers majestically over Rjukan, 1883 meter above sea level. Annually about 30 000 visitors makes their way to the top of Gaustatoppen to enjoy the amazing views. In clear weather you can see east to the border of Sweden and south to the coast. The view shows more than 1 / 6 of Norway.


This is the first ever cable car to be built in Northern Europe in 1928. The cable car was a gift from Norsk Hydro to the people of Rjukan so that they could get up high enough to see the sun during the winter.

Norsk Industriarbeidarmuseum, Vemork

The Rjukan waterfalls were the foundation of Vemork, the world largest power station in 1911. The power station has been turned in to a museum where you can learn about the fantastic adventure of its genesis and see exhibitions about the industrial development in Norway, and in Rjukan in particular.

The museum is best known for its presentation of Rjukan's exciting wartime history. Vemork was the centre of one of the most important acts of sabotage committed during World War II, when Norwegian saboteurs prevented the Germans from developing a nuclear bomb from the heavy water that was produced there. The old movie Heroes from Telemark is based on this event.

Telemark canal

The Telemark Canal has some of the most beautiful nature Telemark can offer. By using 18 lock chambers spread out on eight lock systems, the boat is lifted 72 meters on the 105 km long journey from the beautiful coast of Telemark by Skien to the foot of Hardangervidda at Dalen.

The canal was completed in 1892 after 500 men had worked hard for 5 years. A nostalgic canal boat will take you up to Dalen and a bus will return you to Skien, or you may choose to take your own boat up the canal and return.

Bø Sommarland (summerland)

Splashing water fun for the whole family! Large water park with water activities of all varieties.

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