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Key facts about Rauland

Rauland, the mountain village in Telemark by the foot of Hardangervidda. We are located 700-1010 metres above sea level and have 1500 inhabitants.


Rauland is a part of Vinje municipality, the largest in Telemark with a size of 3117 km2.

Vinje has vaste nature areas, with Hardangervidda the larges and best known.


Rauland, Vinje and Haukeli, rural villages located at the foot of the spectacular Hardangervidda, have a long history. Almost wiped out in 1349 by the Black Plague, survived and by the 1600s was again a thriving area with music, poetry, local arts and crafts. The area is rich with folk poetry, tales and legends. This is a proud group of people, who right up to the new times have known to preserve its history.


Rauland and the surrounding area are also known for its many writers, artists and musicians, and a thriving cultural life. Museums in Vinje, the Rauland Academy (Telemark University College) and Mjonøy Crafts and Culture are among the many that promotes the cultural heritage we are so proud of.


In the summer you can join the M/S Fjellvåken II on a cruise on the lake of Møsvatn, take a day trip by car to the Hardangerfjord or visit our many museums and exhibits. You may choose to take a class at the Rauland Academy or walk on marked trails, ride horses, go bike riding, fishing in clear mountain waters, hunting for small game or participate in any other of the many exciting activities for young and old.

In winter if acres and acres of lush, snow-covered terrain is your idea of paradise, then grab your skis and find your bliss either it is in downhill trails, amazing terrain parks or 150 km of cross country ski trails, or maybe you choose to tobogganing in one of Norway’s largest Toboggan Center. We also offer dog sledding, snowmobile and 4-wheeler on a designated track, rafting in a rubber boat behind a snowmobile and many other fun winter activities.

Rauland downtown

Rauland's wide selection of accommodation ranges from top of the line luxury to the budget-minded and wide selection of shops, arts and crafts, and other services makes your holiday experience complete.

In the center of Rauland you will find everything you need, a bank, grocery stores, flowers, sporting equipment, hairdresser, post office, souvenir shop, clothing- gift and furnishing shop, library, restaurant, sports hall, swimming pool, gas and service station, doctor, dentist, a coffee shop and art exhibit, several museums and of course the Tourist Office.

We welcome you to a wonderful holiday in the mountain village at the foot of Hardangervidda!

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