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Food from the wild

Silvia Furtwängler lives toghether with her family in the middle of nature and they live mostly from what the nature ca provide.

Silvia will be our teacher when we learn how to cook food based on raw material from the wilderness.

Cooking with a touch of wilderness

To fish with a rod, is well know to everyone. But the traditsional skill of fishing with a fishingnet, is pretty much a higher art of fishing.

To be engaged in traditional fishing with a fishingnet, it is required to have a knowledge of weather and wind conditiones, the habits and living conditiones of the fish where it`s living and of course also the actual knowledge of how to throw, pull up and mintain the fishingnets.

Our experience of cooking with a touch of wilderness ist unique and completely based on natural ingredients and preparationes.

Natural ingredients

All food that we cook together ; and later on eat will be based intirely on natural ingredients and prepared according to old traditional recipes delivered dow through generationes.

Bread, chees or youghurt....we will prepare the food in the same way it`s been done throughout the centuries.

The reward of our loving preparation of the food will be the refined taste that will be even more noticeable, as we sit down toghether by the nicely layed table to eat the food in the traditional old fashion.

Fishing in the evening

In in the early evening we got out with the boat on the lake to throw the fishingnets.

In the evening we will sit together in front of the fireplace. talk about different ways of how to prepare fish ans together we will plan teh menue for the next day.


Day 1.

Arrival at Vrmevoll at 5p.m

On the first evening we cook "Fjellmat" - mountain food - together. Later on we sit down by the fireplace to talk and plan our next day.

Silvia will tell about how the hard life in the north and dominated the people and their food has played a major role in their lives.

Day 2.

Silvia will tell a little bit about the traditional way of fishing. Then we go with the boat on the lake to throw the fishingnets. We will also be fishing with fishingrod in case of that the fishingnets will not catch as many fish as we`d wish for the next day. We return to the shore late in the morning. The lunch gives us a little breather and then we start the preparationes four our four - course evening menu.

Depending on the weather we will work outside or inside the house.

All preparationes we will plan together and then devide the different tasks among ourselves.During our work with the food we allowe ourselves time to tell a joke and have a good laugh or two.

Day 3.

Breakfast ist very important.....

Homemade bread, jam, youghurt, butter - of course everything from our own production - will be serverd on the table. Encouraged and strengthen from a good breakfast we o out with the boat to pull up the fishingnets. We will also fish a little with the fishingrod. Then we go back to Varmevoll for an early lunch.

We give ourselves time to enjoy a quiet lunch and the infinite nature that surrounds us.

After a break of two hours, we start again to prepare dinner, according to old recipes and working methodes.

we enjoy our dinner and good wine should ot be missed. Depending on the mood, the evening will end sooner or later......

Day 4.

The day begins with sunrice and breakfast. Also on the last day we go out onto the lake and return in time for lunch, that we cook together.

In early afternoon it is time to say: Ha det bra

Price inculdes:
4 days max. 6 participants in a double room accommodation.
Overnight / full board
Transfer Varland - Varmevoll - Varland

NOK 9.900,- per person

You must find transfer to Varland on your own.

At Varland a taxiboat will take you across lake Møsvatn to Varmevoll.

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