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- Experience the road less society on lake Møsvatn.

Varmevoll Lodge
Phone: 909 11 707
Email: silviaSPAMFILTER@varmevoll.no (Remove SPAMFILTER from the address)
Web: www.varmevoll.com


Price: 1.300,- Kr.

The price includes:

One overnight in a for bed room. Lunch, three course dinner, breakfast, Tourguide, Outdoor tub.

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Tours in Skindalen

Experience Hardangervidda

Telemark - wild nature

Telemark is one of the regions in Europe that is richest on snow. From October till April, ski snowshoes or driving a dogsled; will be the best tool to reach up at the bigest plateau in north Europe.

The Hardangervidda is pure wilderness; completely without tress or any forest; open and wide, unpredictable and seducing.

Hardangervidda in the summer

When the ice has melted on the water of lake Møsvatn in May, time is here for hiking on the Hardangervidda.

Everywhere along the way, you can see crystalclear lakes and waterfalls pour down over hard granite, red mountain cranberre, blooming heather and small bushes of juniper and willow.

Melting snowdriftes and glaciers nestled in the shadows of the mountain peaks, will make the heart of any nature-enthusiast beat faster.

If we`re lucky, we may spot a proud reindeer-buck or a grouse flying up from her nest.

At the shore of big lake Møsvatn

Varmevoll Lodge is located at the shore of the big lake Mosvatn, close to the mountains of Hardangervidda. The challenges of nature and the comfort in a cosy, rustic house make the background for expeditiones that I`m happy to plan and carry through together with you.

Fishing on the ice, build a fire in the lavvo, go on trips with the dogsled and share my cooking experiences with you - all these things we can do together. We will have new experiences and challenges that we must cope with. And then, when we later on sit by the fireplace and look back, at the adventures we`ve had togther, we may experience that we`ve learned to know nature in a quite different way than what we thought taht we would do; and when we found ourselves in a new and unfamiliar situation, we were able to cope with it, after all.

Let us experience the wilderness

Come with me on trips in the beautiful Norwegian nature, and let us wok together to find the things we originally are looking for.....

What wealth is, is up to someone else to define.....

What is certain is that after a visit with me at the Varmevoll Lodge you will have something valuable to take with you back to take home;

the recognition of that you with few resources can cope with challenges.

Varmevoll Lodge

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