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Course catalog 2017

Welcome to attend a course at Raulandsakademiet

Once again we present a new catalog with over 60 exciting and creative courses. You will find several familiar courses, but also many new ones. While the teaching language is Norwegian, most of our courses are available for English speakers. Contact us at +47 35073292 or with questions about attending a course as an English speaker.

The online catalog is now available with short descriptions of each course the 2017 course season. Download the course calender (in Norwegian) for an overview of the classes we will be offering this summer and fall. For more detailed information, please check out the Norwegian site by clicking on the Norwegian flag in the upper right. Or you can contact us!

Your selection

Start date: 10.07.2017

End date: 13.07.2017

Registration deadline: May 29
Course nr.: 1788
Instructor:  Torkjel Sletta

Start date: 20.07.2017

End date: 23.07.2017

Registration deadline: June 5

Course nr.: 1758

Instructor: Sonja Berlin

Start date: 5.10.2017

End date: 8.10.2017

Instructor: Ingunn Hovde

Course number: 1714

Registration deadline: August 24

Start date: 26.06.2017

End date: 2.07.2017

Course nr:    1751

Registration deadline: May 15

Instructor:  Anne Gro Johansen

Start date:  6.7.2017

End date:  9.7.2017

Instructor: Norma Refsal

Course nr: 1761

Registration deadline: May 21

Start date: 26.06.2017

End date: 29.06.2017

Kursnummer: 1733

Registration deadline: May 15

Instructor:  Per Sandvik

Start date: 2.11.2017

End date: 5.11.2017

Kursnummer: 1715

Registration deadline: September 21

Instructor:  Per Sandvik

Start date: 26.06.2017

End date: 02.07.2017

Registration deadline: May 15

Instructor: Åse Eriksen

Course nr: 1731

Start date: 26.06.2017

End date:  2.07.2017

Course nr.: 1779

Registration deadline May 8

Instructor: Eli Wendelbo

Date start: 20.07.2017

Date end: 23.07.2017

Registration deadline: June 5

Course nr: 1772

Instructor: Tore Per Sønju

Start date: 05.10.2017
End date: 08.10.2017
Registration deadline: August 24
Course nr.: 1757

Instructor: Mayliss Bredesen

Start date: 3.07.2017

End date: 9.07.2017

Registration deadline: May 22

Course nr.: 1760

Instructor: Rune Hjelen

Start date: 26.06.2017

End date: 2.07.2017

Course nr: 1712

Instructor: Rune Hjelen

Registration deadline: 15. mai

Start date: 9.11.2017
End date: 12.11.2017
Registration deadline: September 28
Course nr: 1722
Instructor: Tine Spuur

Start date: 17.07.2017

End date: 23.07.2017

Course nr.: 1754

Instructor: Ola Svensson

Start date: 10.07.2017
End date: 16.07.2017
Registration deadline: May 29
Course nr: 1787
Instructor: Tine Spuur

Start date: 17.07.2017
End date: 20.07.2017

Course nr.: 1703

Instructor: Kjersti Wold

Kind regards,
Ann Mari Jore

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