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Prepareringsmaskin for ski i Rauland Skisenter!

Prepare your ski's with us!

Our machine, a Wintersteiger, is some of the best you can get, and we have invested heavily to make sure our guests will get the ultimate in quality!

Equally important for old and new equipment

"Turning skis and boards are very important for the quality of your experience in the ground!" says Linda Jensen, who is responsible for ski hire / ski shop in Rauland Skisenter. "Stone Sharpening ski and board is equally important for those who have old equipment that for you with new" she says.

Why stone grinding of ski and snowboard?

- Your old scratched skis are like new with plan sole and sharp shiny steel edges.

  - New equipment from the factory is only produced sharpened. This gives neither optimal sole quality or structure under skis and boards. We grinds sole plan, and proper structure so that it has the desired edge grip, good cornering ability and can work optimally with wax.

Family Discount for submission of 3 pairs of skis / boards or more.

Deliver the equipment to us at night, and we will have it finished next morning!

If you want the equipment back the same day, this costs NOK 100 extra.

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