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Join MB Fjellvåken II on a mountain cruise to Møsvatn, 919 metres above sea level!

Fjellvåken II AS
Phone: 0047 90 75 02 50
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N-3864 Rauland

Rutetabell 2017

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A sunny summer's day on board M/B Fjellvåken on Lake Møsvatn, 919 metres above sea level, is an unforgettable experience.

Mountain cruise to Mogen

The boat runs scheduled trips between Skinnarbu and Mogen in the summer season. Mogen Turisthytte (tourist cabin) is a popular gateway for hiking trips in Hardangervidda National Park.

Charter the boat

Your options include a day trip from Skinnarbu up to Mogen Turisthytte, or a three-hour guided round trip from Skinnarbu to the island of Hovden with its beautiful church. You can also charter the entire boat with its crew – something to think about for your next birthday celebration.

Fjellvåken II AS

Listen to guided tour:


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